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Fingerprint Attendance System

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Allday PalmReader 1000

The Ultimate Biometric Identification solution for under £20 per week incorporating Fujitsu Palm Secure reading technology offering optimum levels of security. Contact our sales team for further details or purchase price.

The Allday PalmReader terminal works by detecting the structure of the pattern of veins inside the palm of the human hand. This contact-less, hygienic system offers maximum security as well as maximum precision.

Palm veins are complex and stable and being inside the body are difficult to forge.

Only a live palm will be read by the technology thus preventing spoof attempts.

Palms can be dirty greasy sweaty cut or damaged and still be usable. Left or right hand can be used.

The Palm Secure technology has been tested using collected data samples of 140,000 palm vein patterns to verified reliability of the palm vein authentication technology for recognition accuracy and rate of applicability. There were no cases in this data sample for which the technology was not applicable, demonstrating its high rate of applicability. This compares to typical fingerprint unsuitability of between 3 and 5% of population who cannot use a typical fingerprint reader reliably.


Minimizes hygiene concerns during scanning as the scanning of the palm vein pattern is completed in mid-air without the need for the user's palm to touch a surface.

ARX3 Attendance System (Sold with either Biometric or Proximity option)

ARX3 Biometric / Proximity is a highly featured Time Attendance system.


Features include:-

  • 125 or 50 employee capacity expandable to 250,
  • wall mounted fingerprint or Proximity terminal,
  • Pin entry available on both terminals if needed
  • tcp/ip USB or serial communications,
  • Local network multi user software,
  • ability to clock at network workstations or automatically clock workstation users in/out as they log in /out,
  • Locate the terminal remotely and collect the clockings with a USB memory stick if you want to,
  • Link to Sage payroll and Quickbooks.
  • Sound tea break start end buzzer on terminal.

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