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LTR Time recorders is now part of Allday Time Systems Ltd

Who are Allday Time Systems ?

Allday Time Systems are one of the largest and fastest growing Time Attendance specialists in the UK with a customer base spanning all market sectors in excess of 10,000 UK based customers. We are committed to excellent customer service.

Allday Time Systems manufacture our own range of Time Attendance systems including electro mechanical time clocks, time and date stamp machines, Biometric terminals and our own market leading Attendance software.


Allday Time Systems have our own network of directly employed Time Attendance engineers which we use to cover the whole of the UK.


Allday Time Systems Ltd  Industry and Commerce

We serve all areas of industry providing accurate solutions for fields as far apart as Shops and Restaurants, Heavy Industry, Garages, Building Sites, Finance Houses, Plus much more.

Allday Time Systems Ltd  and the Public Sector

During our long history we have had the pleasure of providing many solutions for our clients in the public sector, these include flexible working time systems for local authorities, fixed working hour systems for County Councils with both clock card and pc linked badge swipe solutions. Also clocks driving attendance boards for rapid viewing of who is in or out . Whatever your needs we have probably already provided it for many others.

Pc Linked systems

Allday Time Systems Ltd Develop install and fully support our own Advanced Software based Attendance Management systems utilising our own National network of fully trained staff . 

Biometric fingerprint Attendance terminalEntry level systems with proximity cards or biometric fingerprint identity systems are also available. for remote sites you can download data to your memory stick and take it to the pc just as easy as collecting the clock cards each week.

We have in depth knowledge of all aspects of attendance system requirements.



Reliability and support

We already have a proven track record of many years providing excellent after sales support for all our systems, utilising our own fully trained support staff, and on site engineers.


We also supply many basic clock card machines , we can normally accomadate most existing card formats .

These machines usually include the following features:-

Battery back up Automatic summer/winter hour change

Automatic printing on cards

Automatic positioning on cards

Some are self calculating printing totals on the cards, without software.





Time and Date Stamps

Document verification multiple use time and date stamp , for use as  Payroll recorder

Time and date stamp

As a numbering machine

Or any combination of the above options utilising year month date hours minutes and incrementing 6 digit number


With the advent of the working time directive many organisations now recognise the importance of keeping accurate staff records .

As leaders in this field Allday Time Systems Ltd have the expertise to provide the correct solution

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Tel:01252 544457

Customer base

Manufacturing Industry, Food Industry, Shops, Printers, Security Companies, City Dealing Rooms, Banks, County Councils, City Councils, Borough Councils, Government Agencies, Law enforcement, NHS Trusts, Universities Colleges and Schools, Military sites, plus many more.