biometric attendance


Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data. In Attendance Systems, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, facial patterns and hand measurements, for identification or verification purposes.

Allday Time Systems currently offer 2 types of Biometric hardware utilising 2 different biometric technology . These are Fingerprint and hand geometry.

Fingerprint attendance clockAdvantages of fingerprint

This method has over recent time become relatively inexpensive , with systems starting at less than £400 More details.....

less wastage and cheeper running costs when compared to conventional clocking in time recorders.

Data can be processed by the connected software to produce totals of hours and overtime lateness and so on.

Disadvantages of fingerprint

Fingerprint is not 100% usable with an estimated 3% of the population unable to register a sufficiently good reading in the first place.

Fingerprint is not suitable for workers who perform manual labour and wear away the fingerprints during the day.

damaged or dirty / oily fingerprints do not read very well

users need to place the finger in the same orientation each time for an accurate read.

Biometric time clockAdvantages of hand geometry

users can use the system with damaged and dirty  or oily hands

Clear location for placement of hand ensures a good reading more often.

system adapts as the hand is placed day after day allowing it to become more and more acurate.

Every one with a non handicapped hand can register and use it. More terminal details...

Disadvantages of hand geometry

Limited employee  numbers per attendance unit.

Physical size of attendance unit  More details of systems using this method....


Allday PalmReader 1000


The Ultimate Biometric Identification solution incorporating Fujitsu Palm Secure reading technology offering optimum levels of security.

The Allday PalmReader terminal works by detecting the structure of the pattern of veins inside the palm of the human hand. This contact-less, hygienic system offers maximum security as well as maximum precision.

Palm veins are complex and stable and being inside the body are difficult to forge.

Only a live palm will be read by the technology thus preventing spoof attempts.

Palms can be dirty greasy sweaty cut or damaged and still be usable. Left or right hand can be used.