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Terminal Equipment


Allday PalmReader 1000

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  • Highly Secure Biometric Identification

  • Reads unique internal vein pattern of the palm

  • 10 times more accurate than typical fingerprint reader

  • Connect to wired or WIFI network

  • Use for Time Attendance / Access control

  • Contact-less and hygienic

  • Easy to use Simply “Show Palm “ and it works






The Ultimate Biometric Identification solution incorporating Fujitsu Palm Secure reading technology offering optimum levels of security.

The Allday PalmReader terminal works by detecting the structure of the pattern of veins inside the palm of the human hand. This contact-less, hygienic system offers maximum security as well as maximum precision.

Palm veins are complex and stable and being inside the body are difficult to forge.

Only a live palm will be read by the technology thus preventing spoof attempts.

Palms can be dirty greasy sweaty cut or damaged and still be usable. Left or right hand can be used.

The Palm Secure technology has been tested using collected data samples of 140,000 palm vein patterns to verified reliability of the palm vein authentication technology for recognition accuracy and rate of applicability. There were no cases in this data sample for which the technology was not applicable, demonstrating its high rate of applicability. This compares to typical fingerprint unsuitability of between 3 and 5% of population who cannot use a typical fingerprint reader reliably.


Minimizes hygiene concerns during scanning as the scanning of the palm vein pattern is completed in mid-air without the need for the user's palm to touch a surface.


LCD 2x16 characters with back light


4 x 3 Numeric

Communication Protocol

TCP Socket Interface

Networking Port

10/100 Mbps Ethernet

Additional Communication options

WIFI ,Bluetooth

Non-volatile Storage

4GB Solid State Flash Disk (Upgradeable to 8GB)

Number of Enrollments

> 1000

Transaction Storage

> 1,000,000

False Acceptance Rate

Better than 1 in 1,250,000

False Rejection Rate

Better than 1 in 10,000

Auto Start when power is restored


WatchDog internal system monitor

Yes, Hardware and Software

Time Synchronisation and Daylight saving

Synchronisation through network/internet and auto daylight saving changes

Door Access Control Port

Yes with ptx door release

Maximum Dimensions

L=290mm H=210mm D=115mm


1.4kg or 1.6kg (inc AC PSU )

Operating Voltage

12v DC Or 100vac to 240vac auto switching

Current Consumption


Operating Temperature

0 to +60 Deg. Celsius

Operating luminance

Ambient light (Sun light): below 3000 lux

Fluorescent light: below 3000 lux

Halogen/incandescent lamp: below 700 lux

Encryption Method

AES (Key Length higher than 128bit

EP1200 Proximity Attendance Terminal



• Easy to use: Ep1200 terminals meet the growing demand for easy interfacing to existing LAN’s or WAN’s , which are nowdays considered standard both in the industrial sector and in all office applications. 
• Easy to mount, EP1200 is a cost-effective and practical solution .

Main features

Allows IN/OUT Attendance Recording

Self service Terminal features displaying messages and data prepared by the controlling computer  such as :-

  • Clocking records
  • Current period's totals of hours (or balance if using Flexitime)
  • Previous periods totals of hours (or balance if using Flexitime)
  • Absence entitlements.  Absence taken / Absence's approved and Booked for the future / Absence remaining.

Integrated Ethernet/IP Interface with P.O.E (Power over Ethernet) support. Allows the simplest wired installations.   

WLAN 802.11b WiFi ethernet option or GSM modem option available soon.

• Internal proximity contact less (RFID) card readers. 

• Time & Attendance firmware included . 

• Compact and elegant design, appreciated when space saving is important such as on a work bench or in a reception area. 

• Wall/pole or table mounting thanks to reversible casing top. Optional floor mounting “pole”. 

• Robust, splash/dust proof casing, IP65 . ABS-VO fire resistant casing. Connector cover and wall support are in aluminium. 

• Mounting, maintaining and moving the terminal is made easy thanks to the special bracket supplied with the terminal and thanks to its extractable connector block .   

• File system based memory allocation. 

• Off-line , autonomous mode using its standard FW or internal procedures or on-line real time operation under the control of the host computer. If the host does not reply within a user-defined time limit, the terminal automatically goes into off-line mode. 

• Automatic programmable shut-down in the event of a power supply failure . The terminal can retain its data for two months. The battery ensures up to 6 hours functioning time. It is programmable to turn off after a number of minutes. 


Technical specificationsAttendance terminal reception stands


membrane type, dust and splash proof, 20 keys with tactile action, guaranteed for 2 million operations.


128x64 graphic, superTwist white led backlit, up to 4 fonts on the screen at the same time. Up to 25x6 text rows, icons bitmaps support.

Integrated Readers

contactless RFID proximity reader

Auxilliary Readers

RJ11 connector for external RFID proximity reader.

Communication Ports

Ethernet: RJ45 connector 10BaseT - PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Type A&B,

Connectivity: compatible with TCP/IP networks (internet and intranet).

Internal Relay 

Output: 1 relay 2A to action bell times for tea breaks, start and stop of shift times.

Power Supply

9 to 36 Vdc ( or 9...56Vdc for Power over Ethernet 802.3af versions).


Backup battery capacity: 550mAH
Average consumption with : 90mA

Physical Characteristics

•  Working temperature: -10° C to + 50° C
•  Storage temperature: -20° C to +70°C
•  Humidity: 0 to 95% non condensing

•  Casing: ABS/optional VO. IP65

•  Dimensions: 120 x 200 x 100 mm (WxHxD)
•  Weight: 740 g - 950 g (depending on versions)

Audio & Video

•  Beeper: Single tone buzzer.


512 KB SRAM (480 KB for file system)
256KB flash for O.S. and reloadable custom firmware

HP1000 hand geometry scanner


The HP1000 terminal is a modern biometric solution to help prevent fraudulent attendance records. The employee enters an id number using the keypad. The unit then scans the geometry of the employees hand and compares the result with a stored reference for that employee it then if they match it accepts the clocking record . Very easy to use and more reliable that other biometric methods such as fingerprint due to the unit not caring if your hand is scratched or dirty as the shape of your hand will not have changed.

Main Features :-

  • Secure and acurate biometric attendance recording.
  • Built in keypad
  • Integrated ethernet IP interface
  • Available with 50 to 512 user capacity per terminal
  • Integrated relay to activate tea break bells or start and end of shift bells. 
  • Powered by 240v ac mains


Please note.

Hand geometry technology has never been reverse-engineered to identify people. Hand geometry units do not store the image of the hand, but instead store a 9-byte template which is a mathematical representation of the hand image. This mathematical value is meaningless to other devices. In addition, no fingerprint or palm print information is gathered.

My employees are concerned about hygiene issues. How do I address this concern?
Compare hand placement on the platen to using a door knob/handle, money handling, telephone use, or shaking hands. As of June 2007, every handreader platen (Where user places their hand) contains an anti-microbial agent. These active agents are incorporated during the manufacturing process and because they cannot leach out or wash off the surface, remain active for the life of the biometric reader. This material does not change the look or the feel of the product but it continually protects the platen’s surface against microbes, making it cleaner and more hygienic.

ARX3 Fingerprint attendance terminal


The ARX3 Fingerprint attendance terminal is a modern biometric terminal allowing personnel to clock in or out by use of the fingerprint method. terminal can either identify the users solely from the fingerprint or they can key in an identity number and then the unit will ask them to verify identity with the fingerprint.

  • The unit is designed to be wall mountable.
  • Can be used as pin entry without use of the biometric fingerprint reader
  • Proximity card option is available also More details...
  • Connection options on every terminal at no extra charge are :-

Tcp/ip -Plug into your local network wiring

USB -Connect directly to a usb port on your pc

Memory stick -Collect data manually using your memory stick (usefull for remote or dispersed sites)

Serial -connect direct to a 9 pin socket on your pc

More details...