Allday Time Systems and the Environment

Allday Time Systems Ltd take environmental concerns seriously and believe that we can all make a difference. At all of our sites we operate a strict recycling programme with approximately 90% of our waste being recycled in one way or another .

Allday Time Systems Ltd and the Environment Agency

Allday Time Systems Ltd actively Cooperate with the Environment Agency with the placing of a local area pollution monitor station at our head office site in Farnborough. This monitoring station transmits data to the Environment agency each hour to enable them to monitor local pollution levels in the Blackwater valley.

CE and ROHS conformity

All products manufactured by or sold by Allday Time Systems Ltd are Fully CE and ROHS compliant ensuring the highest of safety standards are maintained.



WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
The Business sector has a significant role to play in reducing the impact of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment on the environment by re-using or recycling such equipment.Some of the components used in electrical and electronic equipment may contain hazardous substances that can damage the environment and present a risk to human health if not properly disposed of.

When you purchase a new electrical item from Allday Time Systems Ltd you can exchange an old similar like for like item (e.g. a time recorder clock for a time recorder clock) and prevent it from going into a landfill site by disposing of it safely. This includes products purchased from other sources.

Following the purchase of their new item, customers must return their WEEE item along with their ‘receipt of purchase’ to a Allday Time Systems Ltd within 28 days of purchase.

This period is extended to 48 days for Allday Time Web site sales.

You may also take your WEEE item(s) to your local authority Civic Amenity Site if this is more convenient.