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Allday Time Manager

Live Information at your fingertips

Accurate up to date Information is vital and provides the basis for commercial success with Allday Time Manager you can view clear live data regarding your most expensive asset ,your workforce.

 Multi site

Thanks to the use of the latest Technologies of Microsoft Dot net development tools and Microsoft Sequel Server database's. The system can handle multi site operations with ease allowing fast access for management from all sites to view or edit own staff . Edits made at one site are instantly available to view or report on across all sites .











Web connect

Connect to the system from the internet. Manage your staff from home. Or just see if your staff are at work on time while you are on holiday or away on business.


Do you need ESP ?

Who is present in the company this morning ?

Are there enough people to run the shift efficiently ?

Who is unauthorised absent this morning ?

For more information on Allday Time Manager with ESP click this link

Save HR staff time

Do you have lines of staff outside your office asking about holiday allowances, absence approvals, how many hours did I work last week, how much overtime ?

With our EP1200 self service data terminals the staff can view their own data. leaving your payroll or HR staff to get on with their work more efficiently.


Working patterns and shifts

Allday Time Manager easily accommodates a complete range of working arrangements, from fixed hours and rotating shifts to flexitime and remote site operations.


Allday Time Manager incorporates a flexible user password system enabling users to be restricted to varying levels of access including enabling them to only view or edit the staff that you need them to.

Firedot net Attendance Software System

Run an up to that moment fire roll call report direct from your desktop from inside or outside the software. For all sites within your organisation or just a single building.

Attendance terminal hardware

Allday Time Manager uses the latest Biometric hand scanning or EP1200 proximity information terminals. Giving both flexibility and security where needed.


The system can grow with your business. System is available with incremental employee options to facilitate your exact requirements. You can also add various modules and hardware as required.

Implementation and integration

The system is supplied with Microsoft Sequel Server 2005 express as standard , alternatively it will run against your existing SQL 2000 or later installation.

Xcopy client distribution utilising http protocol connection to server.

 SQL Time Attendance sytem

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Financial options

The system can be supplied on a fully installed set-up and maintained basis with on going maintenance arrangements or can be offered as a rental system with all routine maintenance of hardware and software covered for the period of the rental in an all inclusive price.


ARX3 Attendance System (Sold with either Biometric or Proximity option)

ARX3 Biometric / Proximity is a highly featured Time Attendance system.


Features include:-

  • 125 or 50 employee capacity expandable to 250,
  • wall mounted fingerprint or Proximity terminal,
  • Pin entry available on both terminals if needed
  • tcp/ip USB or serial communications,
  • Local network multi user software,
  • ability to clock at network workstations or automatically clock workstation users in/out as they log in /out,
  • Locate the terminal remotely and collect the clockings with a USB memory stick if you want to,
  • Link to Sage payroll and Quickbooks.
  • Sound tea break start end buzzer on terminal.

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Allday Payclock Attendance System




Big Business Efficiency at a Small Business PriceDesigned for small businesses with up to 50 employees (expandable to 150 employees with purchase of additional employee blocks), Allday's PayClock  automatically calculates total worked hours including overtime.  The system consists of an attractive badge reader terminal and easy-to-use Windows based time and attendance software.  Employees punch in and out at the terminal with reusable credit card style badges rather than time cards.  Payroll data can be printed to reports from your PC . Allday PayClock  takes care of the time consuming and error-prone process of tracking time and attendance so you don't have to.